Cash Registers

Cash registers provide a easy to use, affordable solution for basic cash and eftpos tracking. Being light weight allows them to be moved easily. All in one units can be setup and running by just plugging them into power - no internet connection required. We also provide coding services so the cash registers are setup with your products when you receive them.

No Up Front Costs - No Deposit
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Basic Cash Registers

Highly affordable and simple to use cash regsiters. Track both Cash and Eftpos payments with end of day 'Z Reports'. No internet connection required, power on and ready to run. Supports up to 2000 PLUs.


Advance Cash Registers

Advance cash registers with soft touch buttons, printable key pads for customisation and customer facing displays to show totals. Provided with full coding of your products and can be expanded to support up to 4000 PLU's


Cash Register Paper

We hold paper for cash registers, printers and eftpos terminals of all brands, types and sizes. We provide direct shipping from our online store but if you are unsure of what paper size you need feel free to contact us on 09-575 7011